Transcendence (Transcendence, #1)
The Miracle of Mindfulness: An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation
Music and Altered States: Consciousness, Transcendence, Therapy and Addictions
Holistic Energy Magic: Charms & Techniques for Creating a Magical Life
Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back
The Twelve Wild Swans: A Journey to the Realm of Magic, Healing, and Action
The Power of Vulnerability: Teachings of Authenticity, Connections and Courage
Intuition (Transcendence, #2)
The Fractal Prince (Jean le Flambeur, #2)
Three Days to Never
The Hacker and the Ants
The Four Loves
The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
The Truth of All that Is by Amelia BertThe Perennial Philosophy by Aldous HuxleyWaiting for the Dalai Lama by Annelie RozeboomMysticism by Evelyn UnderhillLost Christianities by Bart D. Ehrman
Spiritual Minded
67 books — 50 voters
The Alchemist by Paulo CoelhoThe Truth of All that Is by Amelia BertThe Art of Success by James MelouneyYou Are This by J.M. HarrisonOm Chanting and Meditation by Amit Ray
Life Transformation Books
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Secrets of the Realm by Bev StoutBeyond Bridalveil Fall by Sheryl SealBeyond Oria Falls by Sheryl SealPhenomena by Susan TarrBeyond the World of Man by Sheryl Seal
Inspiring Books
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Huston Smith
Might we begin then to transform our passing illuminations into abiding light?
Huston Smith

Dream Song of Thunders: Sometimes I go about pitying Myself, While I am carried by the wind Across the sky.
Frances Densmore, American Indians and Their Music

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Knocking on Heaven's Door
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