Social Movements

Social movements are a type of group action. They are large informal groupings of individuals and/or organizations focused on specific political or social issues, in other words, on carrying out, resisting or undoing a social change.
Modern Western social movements became possible through education (the wider dissemination of literature), and increased mobility of labor due to the industrialization and urbanization of 19th century societies. It is sometimes argued that the freedom of expression, education and relative economic independence prevalent in the modern Western culture is responsible

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Cornel West
It is a beautiful thing to be on fire for justice… there is no greater joy than inspiring and empowering others––especially the least of these, the precious and priceless wretched of the earth!
Cornel West, Black Prophetic Fire

Roem Topatimasang
Ini bukan sekadar kumpulan cerita. Ini sejarah, penggalan sejarah dari negara-bangsa yang__setelah hampir satu abad__ belum saja selesai dengan diri mereka sendiri. Apapun yang dikatakan oleh pejabat resmi pemerintah, kalangan cendekiawan dan kaum terpelajar, juga para politisi dan aktivis sosial, semuanya terlalu sering berbeda dengan apa sebenarnya yang dialami nyata dan dirasakan oleh jelata awam, warga terbanyak di negeri ini. Mereka punya nalar dan pandangan hidup sendiri terhadap setiap ...more
Roem Topatimasang, Seekor Bebek yang Mati di Pinggir Kali: kumpulan cerpen

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