Open Water Diver Manual
Rescue Diver Manual
Shadow Divers
Pacific Vortex! (Dirk Pitt, #1)
PADI Divemaster Manual (Revised Edition)
Diver Down: Real-World Scuba Accidents and How to Avoid Them
Scuba Diving
The Certified Diver's Handbook: The Complete Guide to Your Own Underwater Adventures
Improve Your Scuba Underwater Navigator Manual
Diving into Darkness: A True Story of Death and Survival
Setting the Hook: A Diver's Return to the Andrea Doria
Neutral Buoyancy: Adventures in a Liquid World
Enriched Air Nitrox Manual
Improve Your Scuba Deep Diver Manual (Improve Your Scuba)
The Silent World
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules VerneThe Abyss by Orson Scott CardJaws by Peter BenchleyThe Hunt for Red October by Tom ClancyThe Last Dive by Bernie Chowdhury
Diving the Depths
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The World of the Salt Marsh by Charles SeabrookThe Sea Around Us by Rachel CarsonThe Big Oyster by Mark KurlanskyLife Between the Tides by Jeffery L. BrandonHow to Be a Hermit, or a Bachelor Keeps House by Will Cuppy
At the Seashore
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Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea by Gary KinderRaise the Titanic! by Clive CusslerShadow Divers by Robert KursonPirate Hunters by Robert KursonLost Gold of the Republic by Priit J. Vesilind
Wreck Diving
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S. Jackson Rivera
A great diving scene. Worth the read just for that: “Randy! You have the best eyes for bubbles. Find my missing diver.” Paul leaned over the boat and yelled at the people waiting in the water. “Hey! Where’s . . .” He examined the faces. It didn’t take long to figure out who was missing. His heart spiraled to his feet. “Oh, no, no, no!” He didn’t hesitate to jump to action. He yelled out orders as he put his gear on in record time. “Get back on the boat. Now!” “I see bubbles! Over there, ‘bout fi ...more
S. Jackson Rivera

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TSUBUTE and TRIANGLE are now available also for NOOK
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Whale Song
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