Post World War II

The Reader
A Covert Affair: Julia Child and Paul Child in the OSS
Liberated: A Novel of Germany, 1945
W, or the Memory of Childhood
One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War
A Piece of the Action: How the Middle Class Joined the Money Class
Dreams of Joy (Shanghai Girls #2)
Under a Cruel Star: A Life in Prague, 1941-1968
The Return to Zion (Zion Chronicles #3)
Unit 731: Japan's Secret Biological Warfare In World War II
Blank 133x176
The Other Nuremberg: T...
Arnold C. Brackman
Then We Take Berlin
Istanbul Passage
Our Man in Panama: How General Noriega Used the United States- And Made Millions in Drugs and Arms