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Phd Reading

Seapower: A Guide for the Twenty-First Century
Subject to Others: British Women Writers and Colonial Slavery, 1670-1834
Working on a Dream: The Progressive Political Vision of Bruce Springsteen
The Women's Century: a celebration of changing roles
Teddy Boys: A Concise History. Ray Ferris, Julian Lord
Mods and Rockers
Quant by Quant: The Autobiography of Mary Quant: The Autobiography of Mary Quant
Die Hard Mod
Youth Culture in Modern Britain, c.1920-c.1970: From Ivory Tower to Global Movement - A New History
Hoolies: True Stories of Britain's Biggest Street Battles
The Men's Fashion Reader
The Meanings of Dress
The neophiliacs: a stu...
Christopher Booker
Youth In Britain Since...
Bill Osgerby
Absolute Beginners