Penguin Pocket 70s

The view from Mount Improbable (Pocket Penguin 70s #6)
The diamond as big as the Ritz (Pocket Penguin 70s #47)
The aristocratic adventurer (Pocket Penguins 70s #62)
Forgetting things (Pocket Penguin 70s #31)
Something for the weekend (Pocket Penguin 70ss #43)
Jeeves and the impending doom and other stories (Pocket Penguin 70s #63)
The state of poetry (Pocket Penguin 70s #48)
Three trips: the short-story writer as tourist (Pocket Penguin 70s #39)
The Snobs
King Arthur in the East Riding
The cave of the Cyclops (Pocket Penguin 70s #12)
The assault on Jerusalem (Pocket Penguins 70s #51)
Otherwise Pandemonium  -- includes Not a Star (Pocket Penguin 70s #3)
A taste of the unexpected (Pocket Penguin 70s #10)