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Sports : engagement in physical activity intended to create a benefit to the participant. Ranging from Amateur to Professional, from incompetent to proficient, for all levels of ability, all nations, all creeds, all genders. As James Joyce said "I am, a stride at a time"

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The Friend Zone (Game On, #2)
All Played Out (Rusk University, #3)
Combative (Combative, #1)
Capture (Elements of Chemistry #3; Hypothesis, #1.3)
Just Say When
Under the Lights (Boys of Fall, #1)
All of Me (Love Between the Bases, #1)
#Selfie (Hashtag, #4)
A Matter of Heart
Playing Dirty (Monkey Business Trio, #1)
Once Pure (Shattered Past #3)
Rules of the Game (Stardust, Texas, #2)
Lawless In Leather (New York Saints, #3)
Lost in the Sun
Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty
Burn (Brothers of Ink and Steel #2)
Center Ice
Game Changer (Bomb Squad #3)
Year of the Dunk: A Modest Defiance of Gravity
Training Complex (Training Season, #2)
All That Shimmers (Piece Us Back Together)
Back in Play (Power Play, #2)
The Game Must Go On: Hank Greenberg, Pete Gray, and the Great Days of Baseball on the Home Front in WWII
Split Season: 1981: Fernandomania, the Bronx Zoo, and the Strike that Saved Baseball
Hit Count
Sweet Talk Boxed Set (Ten NEW Contemporary Romances by Bestselling Authors to Benefit Diabetes Research plus BONUS Novel)
Taming the Legend (London Legends, #4)
Jase (Rebel Wayfarers MC, #4)
Love Complicated
Enforcing Emory
Big Data Baseball: Math, Miracles, and the End of a 20-Year Losing Streak
The Game: Inside the Secret World of Major League Baseball's Power Brokers
The Mistake (Off-Campus, #2)
Aflame (Fall Away, #4)
Attraction (Elements of Chemistry #1; Hypothesis, #1.1)
Tool (A Step Brother Romance, #2)
Heat (Elements of Chemistry #2; Hypothesis, #1.2)
Kissing Madeline (Dearest, #3)
Full Contact (Redemption, #3)
Getting Lucky Number Seven
The Tornado
Natural Born Heroes: How a Daring Band of Misfits Mastered the Lost Secrets of Strength and Endurance
Clipped by Love (Bellevue Bullies, #2)
The Shameless Hour (The Ivy Years, #4)
Fighting Envy
Play On
Intercepted (By His Game, #3)
Miracle at Augusta
Five Days Until You (One Week Girlfriend, #4.5)
Since Drew
My Fight / Your Fight
Dropping Gloves (Portland Storm, #7)
One Night (Only You, #1)
No One Like You
Second Position (District Ballet Company #1)
Below the Belt (First to Fight, #1)
The Rub Down
Craving Her Curves (Craving Her Curves, #1)
Exposing the Bad Boy
Course Correction: A Story of Rowing and Resilience in the Wake of Title IX
Billy Martin: Baseball's Flawed Genius
The Way Home Looks Now
The Windup (The Rainbow League #1)
This Round for Love
Body Shot (Tapped Out, #1.2)
Men in Green
Seeing Home: The Ed Lucas Story: A Blind Broadcaster's Story of Overcoming Life’s Greatest Obstacles
Submission Moves: An MMA Romance
Playing for Hearts: The Complete Series
In Pursuit of Pennants: Baseball Operations from Deadball to Moneyball
Interference (In the Zone #1)
Gay Threesome: Anything to Make the Team (Gay Sex Stories)
NFL Draft 2015 Preview

Michael Cannell
Michael Cannell The Limit: Life and Death on the 1961 Grand Prix Circuit
His Favorite Books About Daredevils: Brace yourself for the adrenaline rush of these picks from the nonfiction author of The Limit, about the 1961 Grand Prix Circuit.
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Jarod Kintz
People always ask me if I’m into sports, and I say, “Well, isn’t writing a sport? If you’re doing it right, and you have a deadline, you should be sweating.
Jarod Kintz, Who Moved My Choose?: An Amazing Way to Deal With Change by Deciding to Let Indecision Into Your Life

Yogi Berra
It ain't over 'til it's over.
Yogi Berra

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