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Dystopia is a form of literature that explores social and political structures. It is a creation of a nightmare world - unlike its opposite, Utopia, which is an ideal world. Dystopia is often characterized by an authoritarian or totalitarian form of government. It often features different kinds of repressive social control systems, a lack or total absence of individual freedoms and expressions, and a state of constant warfare or violence. Many novels combine both Dystopia and Utopia, often as a metaphor for the different directions humanity can take in its choices, ending up with one of the tw ...more

New Releases Tagged "Dystopia"

The Stars Never Rise (Untitled Series, #1)
The Invasion of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling, #2)
The Leveller (The Leveller, #1)
The Edge of Forever
Crash (The Game, #3)
Mindwalker (Mindwalker, #1)
Deadfall (Blackbird, #2)
Deadly Design
Tomorrow War: The Chronicles of Max [Redacted]
The Stellow Project
A Girl Undone (A Girl Called Fearless, #2)
The Gifting (Gifting #1)
Shattered Memories
Glittering Shadows (Dark Metropolis, #2)
Date with a Rockstar
Soar (Cold Mark, #5)
The Children of Darkness (Seekers #1)
The Shadow Aspect (The Harvesting, #2)
The Unspoken (Keres Trilogy, #1)
The Corridor (The Corridor, #1)
Extinction Age (The Extinction Cycle Book 3)
Exodia (Exodia Ledgers, #1)
Phobos (Phobos, #1)
Wired (The Grounded Trilogy, #3)
Mad Max: Fury Road: Furiosa #1
Ways of the Doomed
The Ruins
Phoenix Rising
Feljövök érted a város alól
Melancholy: Omnibus Edition (The Cure, #2)
The Painting Gildemer Episode Four (The Gate Series 1)
The Dress: Gildemer Episode Three (The Gates Series One)
End of Days (Penryn and the End of Days, #3)
The Cage (The Cage, #1)
The Water Knife
Undertow (Undertow #1)
5 to 1
Until the Beginning (After the End, #2)
The Death Code (The Murder Complex, #2)
The Choosing (Seer, #1)
To Hold the Bridge
Nil Unlocked (Nil, #2)
The Book of Phoenix (Who Fears Death, #0.1)
Material Girls
Akaela (Mayake Chronicles, #1)
The Clouded Sky (Earth & Sky, #2)
The Fog Diver
Cyberwar (Cyberwar Series, # 1)
The End Has Come (The Apocalypse Triptych, #3)
The Pearl Diver
Untamed (Untamed, #1)
Unseemly Science (The Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire, Book 2)
The Hunted (The Living #2)
Burn (Scan, #2)
Genesis (Guardian of Gatling, #1)
Cash Crash Jubilee: Book One of the Jubilee Cycle
Freaks of Nature (The Psion Chronicles #1)
Fractured Memories
Prep For Doom
Alice in No-Man's-Land
Run (NOLA Zombie, #1)
The Black Oracle
The Boys of Fire and Ash
Gods of the Dead (Rising, #1)
The Territory
The Essence of Aptitude (The Corpus Chronicles, #1)
Defiant (Towers Trilogy #2)
The First Twenty
The Ruin of the World (The World Without End, #4)
The Last Escape (The Last Survivors #2)
Mad Max: Fury Road: Nux & Immortan Joe #1
A Single Stone
Rot & Ruin, Vol. 1: Warrior Smart
The Emergence (Missing Era, #1)
The Ungoverned
Matronly Duties
Summer Of Zombie : 12 ebook box set
Grid Seekers

Gary Shteyngart
Gary Shteyngart Super Sad True Love Story
His Favorite Satires: The comic novelist skewers American consumerism in Super Sad True Love Story and pegs his five favorite satires.
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Veronica Roth
Resisting is worth doing.
Veronica Roth, The Transfer

Philip K. Dick
There will come a time when it isn't 'They're spying on me through my phone' anymore. Eventually, it will be 'My phone is spying on me'.
Philip K. Dick

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