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Chick lit is genre fiction which addresses issues of modern womanhood, often humorously and lightheartedly. Although it sometimes includes romantic elements, chick lit is generally not considered a direct subcategory of the romance novel genre, because the heroine's relationship with her family or friends is often just as important as her romantic relationships.

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Eligible: A modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice
Best of My Love (Fool's Gold, #20)
Keep Me Posted
Some Women
The Children
No Love Allowed
The Natural History of Us (The Fine Art of Pretending, #2)
The New Guy (and Other Senior Year Distractions)
The Dinner Party
The Decent Proposal
Will You Won't You Want Me?
Lies and Other Acts of Love
My Mrs. Brown
Forever and Forever: The Courtship of Henry Longfellow and Fanny Appleton
Something More Than This
Meddling With Murder
I Had a Nice Time And Other Lies...: How to find love & sh*t like that
Off the Hook (Fishing for Trouble, #1)
The Second Love of My Life
Always for You: Jack (Sergeant Joe's Boys, #1)
Casting Off (The Canal Boat Café, #2)
Somewhere Out There
I'm Glad About You
The Charm Bracelet
The Leaving Season
Dear Emma
If We Were a Movie
People Who Knew Me
Emergency Delivery (Love Emergency, #2)
Best Friends with Benefits (Most Likely To, #1)
By the Stars
The Night That Changed Everything
Someone Else's Love Letter

Sophie Kinsella
Sophie Kinsella Twenties Girl
Her Favorite Summer Reading: Kinsella shares her summer faves.
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Rachel Gibson
I have fallen in love with you, and there is no future for us. That you burst into my life suddenly only a short time ago. That it's too fast, too soon, and you will leave the same way you came into my life. I'll turn around one day and you'll be gone.
Rachel Gibson, Lola Carlyle Reveals All

Louisa Edwards
Uncomfortable.Lord. I’ve been doing the comfortable thing my whole life, it seems like. And what did it get me? I think it’s about time I did something a little uncomfortable.
Louisa Edwards, On the Steamy Side

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Angels & Warriors, The Awakening
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