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The Miniaturist
The Orenda
The Witch's Daughter
Caleb's Crossing
Bitter Greens
The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane
New York
The Bloodletter's Daughter
Flight of the Sparrow: A Novel of Early America
The Beggar King (The Hangman's Daughter, #3)
The Dark Monk (The Hangman's Daughter, #2)
The Poisoned Pilgrim (The Hangman's Daughter, #4)
House of Bathory
Highland Warrior (Campbell Trilogy, #1)
The Midwife's Tale (Midwife Mysteries, #1)
The Daylight Gate
How Paris Became Paris: The Invention of the Modern City
The Shadow Queen
The Anatomy Lesson
Daughters of the Witching Hill
The Orphanmaster
Highland Outlaw (Campbell Trilogy, #2)
Merivel: A Man of His Time
The Bitter Trade
Wicked Girls
Six Women of Salem: The Untold Story of the Accused and Their Accusers in the Salem Witch Trials
The Harlot's Tale (Midwife Mysteries, #2)
A Murder at Rosamund's Gate  (Lucy Campion Mysteries, #1)
John Saturnall's Feast
The Crimson Ribbon
Ravished by a Highlander (Children of the Mist, #1)
The King's Daughter
The Ruins of Lace
Bride of New France
Deliverance from Evil
The Darling Strumpet
Plague Child (Tom Neave, #1)
The Fool's Girl
Seduced by a Highlander (Children of the Mist, #2)
The Lady of Secrets (The Dark Queen Saga, #6)
The Kings' Mistresses: The Liberated Lives of Marie Mancini, Princess Colonna, and Her Sister Hortense, Duchess Mazarin
Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane
Queen Anne: The Politics of Passion
Ladies in Waiting
A Noble Assassin
The Scarlet Kimono
The Wilding
The Queen's Dwarf
The Apothecary's Daughter
Girl on the Golden Coin: A Novel of Frances Stuart
Blood Work: A Tale of Medicine and Murder in the Scientific Revolution
Exit the Actress
Viper Wine
The Thirty Years War: Europe's Tragedy
The Rhetoric of Death
The Lady's Slipper
Pirates Of Barbary: Corsairs, Conquests and Captivity in the 17th-Century Mediterranean
City of Silver: A Mystery
The Secret of Isobel Key
The French Mistress: A Novel of the Duchess of Portsmouth and King Charles II
The Wolves of Andover
The Countess
Libertine's Kiss (Rakes and Rogues of the Restoration, #1)

Geraldine Brooks
Geraldine  Brooks Caleb's Crossing
Harvard's first Native American student graduated in 1665. Now, the writer who gave us People of the Book recounts his story in the historical novel Caleb's Crossing.
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Em resumo, há nos homens, quando eles se deixam guiar pelos olhos, uma tal credulidade da qual sua majestosa sabedoria não suspeita, fazendo que os mais avisados dentre eles sejam frequentemente enganados por nós.
John Cleland, Fanny Hill, or Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure

As no man is born an artist, so no man is born an angler.
Izaak Walton, The Compleat Angler, or the Contemplative Man's Recreation

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