Popular Millenarianism Books

Pursuit of the Millennium: Revolutionary Millenarians and Mystical Anarchists of the Middle Ages
God's Chinese Son: The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan
Primitive Rebels
The War of the End of the World
The Fundamentalist Mindset: Psychological Perspectives on Religion, Violence, and History
Apocalypse: On the Psychology of Fundamentalism in America
The World of the Ranters: Religious Radicalism in the English Revolution
Destroying the World to Save It: Aum Shinrikyo, Apocalyptic Violence, and the New Global Terrorism
Blank 133x176
The End of Time: Faith...
Damian Thompson
A History of the End of the World: How the Most Controversial Book in the Bible Changed the Course of Western Civilization
The Millennium Myth
Milton: Poet, Pamphleteer And Patriot