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Military science fiction is a subgenre of science fiction in which the principal characters are members of a military service and an armed conflict is taking place, normally in space, or on a planet other than Earth. A detailed depiction of the conflict, the tactics used to wage it, and the role of a military service and the individual members of that service forms the basis for a work of military science fiction. The stories often take features of actual past or current Earth conflicts, with countries being replaced by entire planets or galaxies of similar characteristics, battleships replace ...more

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Brandon Sanderson
If you can read the book and say, ‘Space Marines, YEEEAAAHHH!’ That’s Military Science Fiction.” (Brigham Young writing lecture, March 2012)
Brandon Sanderson

G.S. Jennsen
Any Earth Alliance military personnel who, whether through affirmative acts or by inaction, assist these seditionists are guilty of treason and will be held accountable. To all present military personnel: you have five minutes to respond accordingly.” She chuckled. “Bet more than one scuffle just broke out on board those ships.” “Any second thoughts?” Her head shook tersely. “We’re all traitors now.” “It’s not traitorous to want to be free.
G.S. Jennsen, Apogee

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