How to Read Lacan
The Lacanian Subject: Between Language and Jouissance
The Psychoses 1955-1956 (Seminar of Jacques Lacan)
The Ethics of Psychoanalysis 1959-1960 (Seminar of Jacques Lacan)
Lacan: A Beginner's Guide
The Sublime Object of Ideology
My Teaching
Looking Awry: An Introduction to Jacques Lacan Through Popular Culture
Enjoy Your Symptom!: Jacques Lacan in Hollywood and Out
Jacques Lacan
The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: Freud's Papers on Technique
The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis (Seminar of Jacques Lacan)
The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: The Other Side of Psychoanalysis
On Feminine Sexuality, the Limits of Love and Knowledge: The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book XX: Encore
Écrits by Jacques LacanWhat Lacan Said About Women by Colette SolerA Clinical Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis by Bruce FinkEssays on Contemporary Events, 1936-46 by C.G. JungHow to Read Lacan by Slavoj Žižek
Psychoanalysis and Lacan
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Terry Eagleton
What Althusser does… is to rethink the concept of ideology in terms of Lacan’s ‘imaginary’. For the relation of an individual subject to society as a whole in Althusser’s theory is rather like the relation of the small child to his or her mirror-image in Lacan’s. In both cases, the human subject is supplied with a satisfyingly unified image of selfhood by identifying with an object which reflects this image back to it in a closed, narcissistic circle. In both cases, too, this image involves a mi ...more
Terry Eagleton, Literary Theory: An Introduction

Slavoj Žižek
...when do I actually encounter the Other 'beyond the wall of language', in the rel of his or her being? Not when I am able to describe her, not even when I learn her values, dreams, and so on, but only when I encounter the Other in her moment of jouissance: when I discern in her a tiny detail (a compulsive gesture, a facial expression, a tic) which signals the intensity of the real of jouissance. This encounter with the real is always traumatic; there is something at least minimally obscene abo ...more
Slavoj Žižek, The Plague of Fantasies

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