John Updike

Rabbit, Run (Rabbit Angstrom, #1)
Rabbit Is Rich (Rabbit Angstrom, #3)
Rabbit Redux (Rabbit Angstrom, #2)
The Witches of Eastwick (Eastwick, #1)
Rabbit at Rest (Rabbit Angstrom, #4)
The Widows of Eastwick (Eastwick, #2)
The Centaur
Toward the End of Time
In The Beauty Of The Lilies
Roger's Version
Seek My Face

John Updike
The Sometime Sportsman Greets the Spring by John Updike When winter's glaze is lifted from the greens, And cups are freshly cut, and birdies sing, Triumphantly the stifled golfer preens In cleats and slacks once more, and checks his swing. This year, he vows, his head will steady be, His weight-shift smooth, his grip and stance ideal; And so they are, until upon the tee Befall the old contortions of the real. So, too, the tennis-player, torpid from Hibernal months of television sports, Perfects ...more
John Updike, Collected Poems, 1953-1993

David Foster Wallace
When a solipsist dies ... everything goes with him.
David Foster Wallace, Consider the Lobster and Other Essays

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