John R Erickson Books

Murder in the Middle Pasture (Hank the Cowdog, #4)
The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog (Hank the Cowdog #1)
The Runaway Windmill (Hank the Cowdog Audio #4)
Hank the Cowdog: It's a Dog's Life/Murder in the Middle Pasture
The Case of the Booby-Trapped Pickup (Hank the Cowdog, #49)
The Case of the Black-hooded Hangman (Hank the Cowdog, #24)
The Homeless Pooch  (Hank the Cowdog Audio #1)
The Case of the Tender Cheeping Chickies (Hank the Cowdog, #47)
Hank the Cowdog: The Curse of the Incredible Priceless Corncob/The Case of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse
The Case of the Saddlehouse Robbery (Hank the Cowdog, #35)
The Case of the Most Ancient Bone (Hank the Cowdog, #50)
The Mopwater Files (Hank the Cowdog, #28)
The Case of the Vanish...
John R. Erickson
Drover's Secret Life (Hank the Cowdog, #53)
The Case of the Hooking Bull (Hank the Cowdog, #18)