Irish History From 1901 1950

Politics of the Irish Civil War
Glimpses of an Irish Felon's Prison Life
Bloody Sunday: How Michael Collins's Agents Assassinated Britain's Secret Service in Dublin on November 21, 1920
Patrick Pearse and the Politics of Redemption: The Mind of the Easter Rising, 1916
Malachy McCourt's History of Ireland
Michael Collins and the Troubles
The Green Flag, Vols 1-3
Rebels: The Irish Rising of 1916
Joe Cahill: A Life in the IRA
1916 The Easter Rising
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The Irish Parliamentar...
Brian Farrell
Who Fears to Speak...?: The Story of Belfast and the 1916 Rising
The Narrow Ground: Aspects Of Ulster, 1609 1969
The Presbyterian Church In Ireland: A Popular History
The Orange Order: A Tradition Betrayed