Asterios Polyp
Wrecked (Wrecked, #1)
Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft
Richard Stark's Parker: The Hunter
Angry Women
Sea of Red Vol. 1 Grave But the Sea
The Rabbi's Cat
Queen and Country: The Definitive Edition, Vol. 2
Queen and Country: The Definitive Edition, Vol. 1
Queen and Country: The Definitive Edition, Vol. 3
Mage Volume 2: The Hero Defined
Gødland Celestial Edition Book One
Fear Agent, Volume 2: My War
Black Hole
Murder Me Dead
Shomu by H.L. ReasbyOnce Wayward by Lee Ann WardMore Than Angels by Lee Ann WardThere In The Moon Mist by Lee Ann WardThe Gift of Sun by Lee Ann Ward
Authors with a Cult Following
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The Zebra Affaire by Mark FineView From the Sixth Floor by Elizabeth Horton-NewtonThe Assassin Who Couldn't Dance by Glen BarreraHard Kill by Charlie FlowersRandom Lucidity by Dave Adair
The World's Best Indie Authors
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Kristen Ashley
At the sight and realisation that I was sleeping next to a naked Liam Nightingale, I’m not embarrassed to admit, I think I had a mini-orgasm
Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick

Kristen Ashley
Fucking hell, India Savage wants hearts and flowers.” I went up on my forearm. Hearts and flowers! As if! I was a Rock Chick! “I do not!” I snapped. He was grinning at me. “Yes you do. ...more
Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick

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