Indigenous History

An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West
1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus
The Native Ground: Indians and Colonists in the Heart of the Continent
Cherokee Medicine, Colonial Germs: An Indigenous Nation’s Fight against Smallpox, 1518–1824
White Mother to a Dark Race: Settler Colonialism, Maternalism, and the Removal of Indigenous Children in the American West and Australia, 1880-1940
The Middle Ground: Indians, Empires, and Republics in the Great Lakes Region, 1650-1815 (Studies in North American Indian History)
People of the Sea (North America's Forgotten Past, #5)
Rethinking the Great White North: Race, Nature, and the Historical Geographies of Whiteness in Canada
Island World: A History of Hawai’i and the United States
Sailors and Traders: A Maritime History of the Pacific Peoples
Double Ghosts: Oceanian Voyagers on Euroamerican Ships: Oceanian Voyagers on Euroamerican Ships
Possessing the Pacific: Land, Settlers, and Indigenous People from Australia to Alaska
The Guaraní and Their Missions: A Socioeconomic History
Temagami: A Debate on Wilderness