Historical Mystery

The historical mystery or historical whodunit is a subgenre of two literary genres, historical fiction and mystery fiction. These works are set in a time period considered historical from the author's perspective, and the central plot involves the solving of a mystery or crime (usually murder). Though works combining these genres have existed since at least the early 1900s, many credit Ellis Peters's Cadfael Chronicles (1977-1994) for popularizing what would become known as the historical mystery.

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The Thief Taker
The Darling Dahlias and the Silver Dollar Bush (The Darling Dahlias, #5)
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How the Scoundrel Seduces (The Duke's Men, #3)
Queen of Hearts (Her Royal Spyness Mysteries, #8)
The Counterfeit Lady (The Victorian Bookshop Mystery, #2)
Tabula Rasa (Gaius Petreius Ruso, #6)
The Abbot's Agreement (The Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon, #7)


  • Snow White Red-Handed by Maia Chance
    Snow White Red-Handed (Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery, #1)
    Release date: Nov 04, 2014
    Just Unearthed! 2 last ARCs of cozy historical mystery Snow White Red-Handed, autographed by the author. View Details »
    Giveaway dates: Oct 23 - Oct 26, 2014
    2 copies available, 1149 people requesting
    Countries available: US, CA, and GB more
  • No Broken Hearts by Sheila York
    No Broken Hearts
    Release date: Oct 01, 2014
    In postwar Hollywood, screenwriter Lauren Atwill, once a promising talent, is now relegated to doctoring other writers’ work – quickly, cheaply, anony…more View Details »
    Giveaway dates: Sep 17 - Oct 31, 2014
    20 copies available, 348 people requesting
    Countries available: US and CA
  • The Silk Train Murder by Sharon Rowse
    The Silk Train Murder: A Klondike Era Mystery
    At the turn of the last century, sleek liners carried a fortune in silk from the Orient to Vancouver. The costly material, insured by the day, was rus…more View Details »
    Giveaway dates: Oct 20 - Nov 10, 2014
    1 copy available, 479 people requesting
    Countries available: US, CA, and GB more
  • The Miniaturist
    Burial Rites
    The Luminaries
    The Monogram Murders
    Frog Music
    The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Flavia de Luce, #1)
    Ordinary Grace
    The Quick
    Cop Town
    The Little Stranger
    Curtsies & Conspiracies (Finishing School, #2)
    The Prisoner of Heaven (The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, #3)
    The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag (Flavia de Luce, #2)
    Changeless (Parasol Protectorate, #2)
    Silent in the Grave (Lady Julia, #1)
    What Angels Fear (Sebastian St. Cyr, #1)
    Mistress of the Art of Death (Mistress of the Art of Death, #1)
    And Only to Deceive (Lady Emily, #1)
    Crocodile on the Sandbank (Amelia Peabody #1)
    Maisie Dobbs (Maisie Dobbs, #1)
    Silent in the Sanctuary (Lady Julia, #2)
    Silent on the Moor (Lady Julia, #3)
    The Beekeeper's Apprentice (Mary Russell, #1)
    Dissolution (Matthew Shardlake, #1)
    Dark Road to Darjeeling (Lady Julia, #4)
    Her Royal Spyness (Her Royal Spyness Mysteries, #1)
    A Morbid Taste for Bones (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael, #1)
    Murder on Astor Place (Gaslight Mystery, #1)
    The Cater Street Hangman (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #1)

    Deborah Swift
    Deborah Swift The Lady's Slipper
    The theft of a rare, coveted orchid, The Lady's Slipper, disrupts the quiet life of a painter in 1660 England and sets in motion a string of turbulent events.
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    Mikey Campling
    Burlic screamed. He threw back his head and roared a single furious word into the night: “Waeccan.” The name erupted from him in a savage wail that rasped at his throat, over and over until he could shout no more. His howls echoed along the valley. In the village, the other hunters heard and exchanged glances, shook their heads and said nothing. The women clutched their talismans, told the children to go inside. They had tried to help, but there was nothing they could do for Burlic now.
    Mikey Campling, The Darkeningstone: Trespass

    H.P. Oliver
    Excerpted From Chapter One I decided staying put in the alley was preferable to keeping the dead guy company, so I went outside and lit a Lucky Strike. The night air had gotten damper and chillier during the short time I was in the warehouse, or maybe it was just me. Wisps of lacy fog were now sinking into the alley, and a skulking cat in search of dinner moved slowly along the opposite wall until he noticed me. He scurried off in a furry blur, eager to be far away from the evil invading his domai...more
    H.P. Oliver, Pacifica

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