Heart-Shaped Box
Think and Grow Rich
20th Century Ghosts
A Clubbable Woman (Dalziel & Pascoe, #1)
The Red Hot Cajun (Cajun, #4)
The Last Temptation (Tony Hill & Carol Jordan, #3)
The Book of Negroes
The Zero Game
Deadheads (Dalziel & Pascoe, #7)
The Price of Butcher's Meat (Dalziel & Pascoe, #23)
Child's Play (Dalziel & Pascoe, #9)
Good Morning, Midnight (Dalziel & Pascoe, #21)

Discipline is strength to the muscles your heels will need to climb up the hills of greatness
Constance Chuks Friday

Stuart Hill
And exactly how does a miserable face help the war effort?" he asked sharply, his mood beginning to change. "Will a frown bring back the dead or fortify a town? If I allow myself to laugh in the face of misery, I rest my mind from the stress of it all, and then it'll work the better for you and your war. And if I'm really to be one of your advisers, Your Majesty, accept this piece of advise: Take happiness where and when you find it, because there is going to be precious little of it in the next ...more
Stuart Hill, The Cry of the Icemark

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