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Hellenistic Greek

Idioms of the Greek New Testament
Criteria for Authenticity in Historical-Jesus Research
The Development of Greek and the New Testament: Morphology, Syntax, Phonology, and Textual Transmission
The Testament of Job, ...
Robert A. Kraft
The Language of the New Testament: Context, History, and Development
The Greek Particles
Storia Delle Lingue Le...
Albio Cesare Cassio
Ancient Scholarship And Grammar: Archetypes, Concepts And Contexts (Trends In Classics  Supplementary Volumes)
From Scholars To Scholia: Chapters In The History Of Ancient Greek Scholarship (Trends In Classics   Supplementary Volumes)
Gymnastics of the Mind: Greek Education in Hellenistic and Roman Egypt
Jews in a Graeco-Roman World
Jews and Christians in Their Graeco-Roman Context: Selected Essays on Early Judaism, Samaritanism, Hellenism, and Christianity
Jews and Christians: V...
Molly Whittaker
Jewish Cult and Hellenistic Culture: Essays on the Jewish Encounter with Hellenism and Roman Rule
Jewish Inscriptions of Graeco-Roman Egypt