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The Patriot Threat (Cotton Malone, #10)
Most Dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War
The Court and the World: American Law and the New Global Realities
Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town
The Testing (The Testing, #1)
Graduation Day (The Testing, #3)
Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot
The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House
Reboot (Reboot, #1)
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate
Pivot Point (Pivot Point, #1)
Capital in the Twenty-First Century
Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty
Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President
No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State
Nexus (Nexus, #1)
Bomb: The Race to Build—and Steal—the World's Most Dangerous Weapon
The Patriot Threat (Cotton Malone, #10)
The Federalist Papers
The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream
The Prince
John Adams
Animal Farm
Obama's Wars
I Am America (And So Can You!)
Killing Floor (Jack Reacher, #1)
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
Dirty Sexy Politics
The Constitution of the United States of America
The Firm
Democracy in America
The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Thomas Jefferson
History, in general, only informs us what bad government is.
Thomas Jefferson, Letters of Thomas Jefferson

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