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Jacquel Chrissy May
In other news, Aang dominates on “Are You Smarter Than the Fire Nation”. Bella Swan becomes engaged to her boyfriend of one year, Edward Cullen, and unceremoniously sends Jacob Black to the “friend zone”. Pop star Candy Cane trades her controversial career for being a housewife (which was a move that is very unpopular with many of her young fans), and Jacquel Rassenworth is still the Internet’s biggest fame-nut (cue APPLAUSE).
Jacquel Chrissy May, The Summer of Our Discontent

J.Z. Bingham
A crowd began to gather round to watch the Heat begin. They soon would learn which one would earn the famous Golden Fin! The boards were tied to dolphin guides that pulled them like a sleigh to what they called The Channel, every surfer's Dream Highway!
J.Z. Bingham

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