Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary psychology is an approach in the social and natural sciences that examines psychological structure from a modern evolutionary perspective. It seeks to identify which human psychological traits are evolved adaptations – that is, the functional products of natural selection or sexual selection

The Moral Animal: Why We Are the Way We Are: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology
The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature
The Selfish Gene
Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality
How the Mind Works
The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature
The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution of Human Nature
The Adapted Mind: Evolutionary Psychology and the Generation of Culture
The Evolution Of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating
Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters: From Dating, Shopping, and Praying to Going to War and Becoming a Billionaire-- Two Evolutionary Psychologists Explain Why We Do What WeDo
The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language
Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind
The Origins of Virtue: Human Instincts and the Evolution of Cooperation
The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion
Sperm Wars: Infidelity, Sexual Conflict, and Other Bedroom Battles
Non Violent Communication by Marshall B. RosenbergBuddha's Brain by Rick HansonSelf-Compassion by Kristin NeffAltruism by Matthieu RicardMindful Compassion by Paul Gilbert
Compassion Training
24 books — 6 voters
The Systems View of Life by Fritjof CapraThe Selfish Gene by Richard DawkinsThe Bonobo and the Atheist by Frans de WaalThe Shock Doctrine by Naomi KleinThe Ecological Rift by John Bellamy Foster
The Psychology of Morality
25 books — 28 voters

The Blank Slate by Steven PinkerThe Selfish Gene by Richard DawkinsDarwin's Dangerous Idea by Daniel C. DennettThe Language Instinct by Steven PinkerThe Evolution Of Desire by David M. Buss
Evolutionary Psychology
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Robert Wright
The sages may have been self-serving, like the rest of us, but that doesn't mean they weren't sages.
Robert Wright, The Moral Animal: Why We Are the Way We Are: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology

Richard Dawkins
What we can imagine as plausible is a narrow band in the middle of a much broader spectrum of what is actually possible. [O]ur eyes are built to cope with a narrow band of electromagnetic frequencies. [W]e can't see the rays outside the narrow light band, but we can do calculations about them, and we can build instruments to detect them. In the same way, we know that the scales of size and time extend in both directions far outside the realm of what we can visualize. Our minds can't cope with th ...more
Richard Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design

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