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Erotic Short Stories

Taken by the God of the Forest
Dragon's Lair (Dragon's Lair, #1)
An Indecent Proposition (Indecent, #1)
Being Delightful
Beg for It
Bad to the Bone
Just Right  (Not Quite Wicked #1)
Stealing the Bride
Keep Me Safe (Dark Erotica, #1)
Treasure (The Kept Series, #1)
Exotic Indulgence (Bandicoot Cove, #1)
Going All In
My Christmas Wish

K. Kiker
Each of us is allowed to revel in our own desires, no matter how dark or depraved they may seem; for we are the only ones that know what lies within our own imagination. Inside these erotic visions there is no shame -- only pleasure. It is a chance to dip a toe into something that may have only ever seemed a fleeting thought.
K. Kiker, WHITE

K. Kiker
Chance encounters, the desire to watch, a visit from an unexpected stranger -- all of these things fall within a realm of normalcy. There is always a moment in stories like these, a fork in the road, when you wonder which path will be chosen. Will it end quietly, without incident, or will it move on to the next level? Here lies the difference between reality and imagination.
K. Kiker, WHITE

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