Erotic Historical Romance

Erotic historical romance merges genre romance set in the past with more graphic sexual content.

Seven Years to Sin
Wicked Intentions (Maiden Lane, #1)
Pride and Pleasure
Notorious Pleasures (Maiden Lane, #2)
Sinful (Addicted #2)
The Gladiator's Master
Proof by Seduction (Carhart, #1)
Seduction & Scandal (The Brethren Guardians, #1)
Simply Insatiable (House of Pleasure #5)
The Sinners Club (The Sinners Club, #1)
Venice Vampyr (Venice Vampyr, #1)
Love's Fortress (Brothers in Arms, #7)
Addicted (Addicted #1)
The Taming of the Wolf (Westfield Wolves, #4)
A Midnight Dance (Fiery Tales, #3)
Passion (Passion Quartet, #1)
Undone (Fiery Tales, #4)
Sinful (Addicted #2)
Patience (Passion Quartet, #2)
The Princess in His Bed  (Fiery Tales, #2)
The Lady's Tutor
Ask For It (Georgian, #1)
Awakened by a Kiss  (Fiery Tales, #1)
The Courage to Love (Brothers in Arms, #1)
Simply Forbidden (House of Pleasure #6)
Everything Forbidden (Albright Sisters, #1)
Anchor and Storm
At Love's Command (Brothers in Arms, #4)
Addicted (Addicted #1)
The Conquest (The Bargain, #2)

Victoria Vane
You think Diana would come to your bed?” Ned threw his head back and laughed. “You’re mad! First of all, she would never break her marriage vows. Secondly, she’s certainly deduced by now what a whoremonger you are. She wouldn’t touch you with gloves, my friend.” from THE DEVIL YOU KNOW (DEVIL DEVERE book #3)
Victoria Vane

Victoria Vane
You intend to keep me confined in here with you for three days?" His voice was low and ominous. "It doesn't have to take three days," she said, "It just depends how long it takes for you to come to your senses." "My senses?" he shook her so hard she thought her teeth would rattle. "It is you whose mind is disordered if you think you can tame me like some pet! Is that what you think, Vesta? That you can somehow turn a man like me into your little lap dog?" "No," she said, as earnest as she had ever...more
Victoria Vane

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