Fight Club
Thirteen Reasons Why
Looking for Alaska
Tears of Tess (Monsters in the Dark, #1)
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Gone Girl
A Clockwork Orange
Go Ask Alice
Burned (Burned, #1)
Lawless (King, #3)
Tyrant (King, #2)
King (King, #1)
Unsaid by Avery AsterBrothers LaFon, Part One by Joseph Lance TonletAcceptance by Nicholas BellaAscension by Nicholas BellaCommanded by Nicholas Bella
Best M/M Dark and Edgy Books of 2015
60 books — 179 voters
The Suicide King Volume 2 by Quil CarterHis Favorite Color Is Blood by K.A. MerikanOf Gods and Monsters by Wulf Francu GodgluckThe Chimera by Adrienne WilderChained by Adrienne Wilder
Best M/M Dark and Edgy Books of 2016
13 books — 25 voters

Fallocaust by Quil CarterBreaking Jade by Quil CarterThe Ghost and the Darkness Volume 1 by Quil CarterStrain by Amelia C. GormleyAntidote by Jack L. Pyke
Best M/M Dark and Edgy Books of 2014
63 books — 196 voters
A Disconnected Life by Virginia AirdWaiting for Paint to Dry by Lia MackGoing Through The Change by Samantha  BryantThe Other Wife by Kathleen Irene Paterka
Edgy Women's Fiction
4 books — 2 voters

Dennis Sharpe
I follow where the story goes. Always. Every time. Sometimes it goes places where I'm not comfortable... it's at those times that I just listen to my characters, hold on with both hands, and trust that my readers won't lynch me later.
Dennis Sharpe

I am not sure if we are numbed to the reality of rape, but here's the sad irony. While the word rape can add an edginess to your language, talking about actual rape is taboo. I didn't know this until one of my friends was raped. Then I knew this, because I didn't want to tell anyone. If she were mugged, I would have told everyone and raged.
Christine Stockton, Sluts

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