The Kittens (The Kittens, #1)
Dark Soul Vol. 1 (Dark Soul, #1)
The Chimera (Bound Gods, #1)
Shattered Heart
The Gamma Boy
The Initiation (Tiny Dancer, #1)
The Last Rebellion
The Emperor's Wolf
Strain (Strain, #1)
Comfort Food
Chained (Bound Gods, #2)
The Copper Horse: Pride (The Copper Horse #2)
The Copper Horse: Fear (Zombie Gentlemen) (The Copper Horse #1)
Concubine by Jill KnowlesI, Omega by Kari GreggBloodraven by P.L. NunnGaven by J.C. OwensThe Emperor's Wolf by J.C. Owens
Best M/M dubcon
77 books — 129 voters
The Initiation by Jena CryerMilked by Royalty by Jena CryerMilked Into Thrall by Jena CryerA Calling to Thrall by Jena CryerBridled and Broken Part One by Jena Cryer
Books by Jena Cryer
6 books — 2 voters

Anchored by Rachel HaimowitzAntidote by Jack L. PykeWaiting in the Throes by Maddox GreyThe Island by Lisa HenryAftermath by Cara Dee
M/M Torture Porn
48 books — 73 voters

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