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A List of Cages
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The One Memory of Flora Banks
Love and First Sight
A Quiet Kind of Thunder
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Flying Lessons and Other Stories
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El Deafo
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The Running Dream

Near the end of Love's Labor, Eva Feder Kittay (1999, 154) writes that a fundamental aspect of a just society is related to the conditions and limits of mothering. In a just society, women with disabilities can mother because there is adequate emotional and material support for them to do so, and given a context of support and approval to reproduce, they can also choose not to bear children. In a just society, mothers of children with disability can mother, and they, their children, and other ne ...more
Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson and Jen Cellio, Disability and Mothering: Liminal Spaces of Embodied Knowledge

Kim Edwards
What would happen, they conjectured, if they simply went on assuming their children would do everything. Perhaps not quickly. Perhaps not by the book. But what if they simply erased those growth and development charts, with their precise, constricting points and curves? What if they kept their expectations but erased the time line? What harm could it do? Why not try?
Kim Edwards, The Memory Keeper's Daughter

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