Criticism is the practice of judging the merits and faults of something or someone in a sometimes negative, sometimes intelligible, (or articulate) way.

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  • Lost in the bright by Initially NO
    Lost in the bright
    Release date: Jun 16, 2015
    Our world is full of brilliance, poetry in the sunset and neon glow splendour, that’s worn away by the sands of time.

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  • Empowered The Symbolism Feminism and Superheroism of Wonder W... by Valerie Estelle Frankel
    Empowered The Symbolism Feminism and Superheroism of Wonder Woman
    Win a signed paperback today!
    Wonder Woman is an icon…but an icon of what? To some, she’s Lynda Carter, spinning into star-studded shorts to save the d…more View Details »
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  • The Symbolism and Sources of Outlander by Valerie Estelle Frankel
    The Symbolism and Sources of Outlander: The Scottish Fairies, Folklore, Ballads, Magic and Meanings That Inspired the Series
    A SIGNED paperback of The Symbolism and Sources of Outlander: The Scottish Fairies, Folklore, Ballads, Magic and Meanings That Inspired the Series

    Outl…more View Details »
    Giveaway dates: Apr 21 - Jun 30, 2015
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  • The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages
    Literary Theory: An Introduction
    A Room of One's Own
    Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature
    Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human
    Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays
    The Madwoman in the Attic: The Woman Writer and the Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination
    Aspects of the Novel
    ABC of Reading
    On Photography
    Consider the Lobster and Other Essays
    Animal Farm
    The Revolution Was Televised by Alan SepinwallThe War for Late Night by Bill  CarterLive from New York by Tom ShalesMary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted by Jennifer Keishin ArmstrongDifficult Men by Brett Martin
    Books about TV
    32 books — 9 voters
    Yours Mine Ours by Bridgitte LesleyLucky Go Happy by Paul Van Der MerweBeating Heart by Anna El-EiniAlexei Maxim Russell's Field Guide to Assholes by Alexei Maxim RussellThe Albino Album by Chavisa Woods
    Contemporary Gift Book Ideas
    39 books — 34 voters

    Letters of John Keats by John KeatsThe Major Works by Samuel Taylor ColeridgeLyrical Ballads by William WordsworthPoetics by AristotleThe Republic by Plato
    Ars Poetica
    24 books — 2 voters
    EarthBound by Ken BaumannChrono Trigger by Michael P. WilliamsZZT by Anna AnthropyGalaga by Michael KimballJagged Alliance 2 by Darius Kazemi
    Boss Fight Books
    7 books — 1 voter

    They Live by D. Harlan WilsonQuadrophenia by Stephen GlynnFaster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! by Dean J. DeFinoFrankenstein by Robert HortonBlade Runner by Matt Hills
    12 books — 1 voter
    Let's Talk About Love by Carl WilsonDummy by R.J. WheatonIn the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Kim CooperExile on Main St. by Bill JanovitzDusty in Memphis by Warren Zanes
    113 books — 41 voters

    Azar Nafisi
    Azar Nafisi The Republic of Imagination: America in Three Books
    Her Favorite Books About Why We Read: Reading is like breathing for many of us, including the author of The Republic of Imagination, who shares a special list.
    More Good Minds Suggest…
    Criss Jami
    The motive behind criticism often determines its validity. Those who care criticize where necessary. Those who envy criticize the moment they think that they have found a weak spot.
    Criss Jami, Killosophy

    Susan Sontag
    Interpretation is the revenge of the intellectual upon art.
    Susan Sontag

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