The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power
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Profit Over People: Neoliberalism and Global Order
When Corporations Rule the World
Corporation Nation: How Corporations are Taking Over Our Lives -- and What We Can Do About It
The Post-Corporate World: Life After Capitalism
The Myth of Liberal Ascendancy: Corporate Dominance from the Great Depression to the Great Recession
Guardians of Power: The Myth of the Liberal Media
The Myth of the Liberal Media: An Edward Herman Reader with a Preface by Noam Chomsky
With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful
Democracy for the Few
A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State
Fixing the Game: Bubbles, Crashes, and What Capitalism Can Learn from the NFL
Feeding the Few: Corporate Control of Food

John Pilger
The major western democracies are moving towards corporatism. Democracy has become a business plan, with a bottom line for every human activity, every dream, every decency, every hope. The main parliamentary parties are now devoted to the same economic policies — socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor — and the same foreign policy of servility to endless war. This is not democracy. It is to politics what McDonalds is to food.
John Pilger

Michael Parenti
Official Washington cannot tell the American people that the real purpose of its gargantuan military expenditures and belligerent interventions is to make the world safe for General Motors, General Electric, General Dynamics, and all the other generals.
Michael Parenti, Against Empire

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