Three Bags Full
Fugitives and Refugees: A Walk in Portland, Oregon
I delitti di via Medina-Sidonia
La doppia vita di M. Laurent
Jules Verne e il mistero della camera oscura
Il soffio della valanga
Blues di Bay City e altri racconti
Un disco dei Platters: romanzo di un maresciallo e una regina
Lorenza e il commissario
L'amica americana
Serpenti nel Paradiso
L'arte del dubbio
Ad occhi chiusi
The Skull Beneath the Skin (Cordelia Gray, #2)
Cover Her Face (Adam Dalgliesh, #1)
Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbeythe Golden Coin by Dorothy May MercerThe Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward AbbeyDeath Comes for the Archbishop by Willa CatherThe Milagro Beanfield War by John     Nichols
Four Corners Country
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Anna McPartlin
Suddenly they were dancing, holding each other tight, moving in circles that symbolised their relationship, both afraid to let go, both willing the song to continue while silently their insides tore.
Anna McPartlin, Apart From The Crowd

Day Of Reckoning
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