Who Killed Mr. Boddy? (Clue, #1)
Mystery at the Masked Ball (Clue, #4)
The Secret Secret Passage (Clue, #2)
The Dangerous Diamond (Clue, #14)
The Picture-Perfect Crime (Clue, #7)
Revenge of the Mummy (Clue, #13)
Mystery in the Moonlight (Clue, #9)
The Haunted Gargoyle (Clue, #12)
The Clue in the Shadows (Clue, #8)
Death by Candlelight (Clue, #11)
The Vanishing Vampire (Clue, #15)
Booby-Trapped! (Clue, #6)
Footprints in the Fog (Clue, #18)
The Clue in the Crystal Ball (Clue, #17)
Danger After Dark (Clue, #16)


  • Mystery of the Zorse's Mask by Linda Joy Singleton
    Mystery of the Zorse's Mask (Curious Cat Spy Club #2)
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    THE CURIOUS CAT SPY CLUB has a new mystery to solve!

    In THE SECRET OF THE ZORSE'S MASK, #2 CCSC, Kelsey, Becca…more View Details »
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    Countries available: US and CA
  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper LeeLowcountry Boil by Susan M. BoyerFront Page Fatality by LynDee WalkerBrides of the Storm by Amanda Albright StillEchoes of the Storm by Amanda Albright Still
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