Christopher Isherwood

The Berlin Stories: The Last of Mr Norris/Goodbye to Berlin
A Single Man
Goodbye to Berlin
Mr Norris Changes Trains
Diaries, Volume One: 1939-1960
Down There on a Visit
Prater Violet
Lions and Shadows: An Education in the Twenties
The Sixties: Diaries:1960-1969
Liberation: Diaries:1970-1983
My Guru And His Disciple
Christopher and His Kind
Kathleen and Frank: The Autobiography of a Family
A Meeting by the River
Christopher Isherwood
The Nazis may write like schoolboys, but they're capable of anything. That's just why they're so dangerous. People laugh at them, right up to the last moment...
Christopher Isherwood, Goodbye to Berlin

Christopher Isherwood
A passenger isn't supposed to concern himself with the running of the ship; that is being taken care of by the crew, anonymous creatures down in the engine-room or up on deck, whom he never meets. But, in this case, I wasn't really a passenger. I was like a lazy or scared or drunken captain lying shut in his cabin when he ought to be on the bridge, giving orders. Sooner or later, I would have to come out and assume command and decide where we were going. But not yet, I told the crew. You don't n ...more
Christopher Isherwood

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