Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard, a checkered gameboard with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. It is one of the world's most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide in homes, parks, clubs, online, by correspondence, and in tournaments.

The Queen of Katwe: A Story of Life, Chess, and One Extraordinary Girl's Dream of Becoming a Grandmaster
Ivory Vikings: The Mystery of the Most Famous Chessmen in the World and the Woman Who Made Them
Chess: Conquer your Friends with 8 Easy Principles: Chess Strategy for Casual Players and Post-Beginners (The Skill Artist's Guide - Chess Strategy, Chess Books)
Fundamental Chess Patterns
Tatiana (Arkady Renko, #8)
Move First, Think Later: Sense and Nonsense in Improving Your Chess
Ajedrez y ciencia, pasiones mezcladas
The Process of Decision Making in Chess, Volume 1: Mastering the Theory
Tactics Time 2 1001 Real Chess Tactics From Real
Tactics Time! 1001 Chess Tactics from the Games of Everyday Chess Players (Tactics Time Chess Tactics Books)
Lisa: A Chess Novel
Blank 133x176
Moxon's Master
Ambrose Bierce
Chess Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes: Fifty Tantalizing Problems of Chess Detection
Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
My System
Logical Chess Move By Move: Every Move Explained New Algebraic Edition
The Amateur's Mind: Turning Chess Misconceptions Into Chess Mastery
My 60 Memorable Games
Silman's Complete Endgame Course: From Beginner to Master
The Immortal Game: A History of Chess, or How 32 Carved Pieces on a Board Illuminated Our Understanding of War, Art, Science and the Human Brain
Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games
Art of Attack in Chess
Winning Chess Tactics, revised
The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal
Zurich International Chess Tournament, 1953
Chess Story
Modern Chess Openings: MCO-14 (McKay Chess Library)
Bobby Fischer Goes to War: How the Soviets Lost the Most Extraordinary Chess Match of All Time
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis CarrollThe Eight by Katherine NevilleChess Story by Stefan ZweigThe Name of the Rose by Umberto EcoThe Luzhin Defense by Vladimir Nabokov
Chess-themed Fiction
53 books — 80 voters
365 Ways To Checkmate by Joe GallagherTal's Winning Chess Combinations by Mikhail TalBuild up your Chess with Artur Yusupov by Artur YusupovTactimania by Glenn FlearBoost Your Chess 1 by Artur Yusupov
Chess tactics Books
26 books — 2 voters

La variante di Lüneburg by Paolo MaurensigLa mossa del cavallo by Andrea CamilleriNovella degli scacchi by Stefan ZweigOssessioni by Patrick SüskindIl re degli scacchi by Zhong Acheng
Scacco al libro
14 books — 8 voters
This Duchess of Mine by Eloisa JamesYou're the One by Alix NicholsA Secret and a Bridal Pledge by Andrea EdwardsThe Duchess War by Courtney MilanThe Seduction by Julia Ross
Checkmate: Chess in Romance Novels
22 books — 3 voters

My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby FischerLogical Chess Move By Move by Irving ChernevThe Life and Games of Mikhail Tal by Mikhail TalHow to Reassess Your Chess by Jeremy SilmanThe Amateur's Mind by Jeremy Silman
Best Chess Books
119 books — 63 voters
Ready Player One by Ernest ClineAlterWorld by D. RusEnder's Game by Orson Scott CardThe Clan by D. RusHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
The Games We Play
65 books — 24 voters

Stacia Kane
Chess lied to herself every day; it was just something she did, like taking her pills or making sure she had a pen in her bag. Little lies, mostly. Insignificant. Of course there were big ones there, too, like telling herself that she was more than just a junkie who got lucky enough to possess a talent not everyone had. That she was alone by choice and that she was not terrified of other people because they couldn’t be trusted, because they carried filth in their minds and pain in their hands an ...more
Stacia Kane, City of Ghosts

Stacia Kane
IF her life had taught her anything, it was that you never really knew what people had going on beneath the surface. People were shit. The only difference between them and animals was people felt the need to hide it.
Stacia Kane, Unholy Ghosts

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