Brian Lumley

Necroscope (Necroscope, #1)
Vamphyri! (Necroscope, #2)
Necroscope IV: Deadspeak (Necroscope, #4)
The Source (Necroscope, #3)
Vampire World I: Blood Brothers (Necroscope, #6)
The Last Aerie
Necroscope V: Deadspawn (Necroscope, #5)
Vampire World III: Bloodwars (Necroscope, #8)
Necroscope: Defilers (Necroscope, #12)
Necroscope: Resurgence, The Lost Years Volume II (Necroscope, #10)
Necroscope: Avengers (Necroscope, #13)
Necroscope: The Lost Years Volume I (Necroscope, #9)
Necroscope: The Touch (Necroscope, #15)
Harry Keogh and Other Weird Heroes (Necroscope, #14)

Brian Lumley
But while our parting was mutually acceptable and even expedient, still it was painful. And I would like to think it hurt both of us, for I certainly felt it: a wrenching inside, like some small but improbably necessary organ was no longer in there, that it was missing, torn or fallen out. And at the time I'd thought that was the end of it; what was missing was gone forever
Brian Lumley, The Ghost Quartet

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