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Awaken (Awaken, #1)
Middle Ground (Awaken, #2)
Still Point (Awaken, #3)
Awaken (Abandon Trilogy, #3)
Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!
The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle, #2)
Underworld (Abandon Trilogy, #2)
Awaken: Book 1 in The Dark Paradise Trilogy
Sunrise (Sunrise, #1)
Princess in Love (The Princess Diaries, #3)
Project Princess (The Princess Diaries, #4.5)
Angel Fever (Angel, #3)
A Fractured Light (A Beautiful Dark, #2)
Gathering Blue (The Giver #2)


  • The Garden by Robin Craig Clark
    The Garden
    A love story for the Heart and Soul. Winner of the prestigious Premier's Book Awards in Western Australia.

    Inspired by the Upanishads ancient poems tha…more View Details »
    Giveaway dates: May 23 - Aug 18, 2014
    1 copy available, 2410 people requesting
    Countries available: US, CA, and GB more
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  • Patsie Smith
    Global transformation can occur only when each individual has the courage to awaken from this amnesia to our true self and then make conscious choices true to our spirit. The human race is the only species on earth evolved enough to be capable of this privilege.
    Patsie Smith

    L.J. Sealey
    No. Before you say it, I’m not going back outside. I’ve gone through nearly half a pack of smokes since I’ve been out there leaving you two to talk. I don’t think you’re very good for my health.” - Evo
    L.J. Sealey, Awaken

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