Astronomy is a natural science which is the study of celestial objects (such as stars, galaxies, planets, moons, and nebulae), the physics, chemistry, and evolution of such objects, and phenomena that originate outside the atmosphere of Earth, including supernovae explosions, gamma ray bursts, and cosmic microwave background radiation. A related but distinct subject, cosmology, is concerned with studying the universe as a whole.

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The Science of Interstellar
Star Stuff: Carl Sagan and the Mysteries of the Cosmos
The Martian
An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth
Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void
The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind
The Disappearing Spoon: And Other True Tales of Madness, Love, and the History of the World from the Periodic Table of the Elements
The Astronaut Wives Club
The Science of Interstellar
A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather Than Nothing
The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True
Star Stuff: Carl Sagan and the Mysteries of the Cosmos
The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos
The Accidental Universe: The World You Thought You Knew
How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming
Impact (Wyman Ford #3)
A Brief History of Time
Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries
Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space
The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory
How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming
The Pluto Files: The Rise and Fall of America's Favorite Planet
The Planets
The Grand Design
The Universe in a Nutshell
Death from the Skies!: These Are the Ways the World Will End...
Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe
Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void
Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe
The 4 Percent Universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Race to Discover the Rest of Reality
A Brief History of Time by Stephen HawkingThe Elegant Universe by Brian GreeneCosmos by Carl SaganThe Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian GreeneThe Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking
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The Immoralist by André GideThe Republic by PlatoWhat Is Mathematics? by Richard CourantDeath Be Not Proud by John GuntherAn Outline of Abnormal Psychology by Murphy Gardner
Carl Sagan's Reading List
34 books — 3 voters
Turn Left at Orion by Guy ConsolmagnoNightwatch by Terence DickinsonSky & Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas by Roger W. SinnottUranometria 2000.0 Volume 1, The Northern Hemisphere to -6 by Murray CraginThe Backyard Astronomer's Guide by Terence Dickinson
Amateur Astronomy
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Galileo Galilei
I esteem myself happy to have as great an ally as you in my search for truth. I will read your work ... all the more willingly because I have for many years been a partisan of the Copernican view because it reveals to me the causes of many natural phenomena that are entirely incomprehensible in the light of the generally accepted hypothesis. To refute the latter I have collected many proofs, but I do not publish them, because I am deterred by the fate of our teacher Copernicus who, although he h ...more
Galileo Galilei, Frammenti e lettere

Robert G. Ingersoll
This century will be called Darwin's century. He was one of the greatest men who ever touched this globe. He has explained more of the phenomena of life than all of the religious teachers. Write the name of Charles Darwin on the one hand and the name of every theologian who ever lived on the other, and from that name has come more light to the world than from all of those. His doctrine of evolution, his doctrine of the survival of the fittest, his doctrine of the origin of species, has removed i ...more
Robert G. Ingersoll, Lectures of Col. R.G. Ingersoll: Including His Letters on the Chinese God--Is Suicide a Sin?--The Right to One's Life--Etc. Etc. Etc, Volume 2

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