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White Lies (Arcane Society, #2)
Sizzle and Burn (Arcane Society, # 3)
The Third Circle (Arcane Society, #4)
Canyons of Night (Looking Glass Trilogy, #3; The Arcane Society, #12; Harmony, #8)
Second Sight (Arcane Society, #1)
The Perfect Poison (Arcane Society, #6)
Quicksilver (Arcane Society, #11; Looking Glass Trilogy #2)
Midnight Crystal (Harmony #7; Arcane Society #9; Dreamlight Trilogy #3)
Running Hot (Arcane Society, # 5)
Burning Lamp (Arcane Society, #8; Dreamlight Trilogy, #2)
Fired Up (Arcane Society, #7; Dreamlight Trilogy, #1)
The Scargill Cove Case Files (Arcane Society, #9.5; Looking Glass Trilogy, #0.5)
Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1)
The Lost Night (Rainshadow, #1; Harmony, #9)
Copper Beach (Dark Legacy, #1)


  • That Which Should Not Be by Brett J. Talley
    That Which Should Not Be
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  • Sara Sheridan
    I didn't expect to love being online as much as I do. I've met some wonderful people and discovered that however arcane some of my interests that there are people out there who are interested too.
    Sara Sheridan

    Thomas Ligotti
    Quinn seemed to have become one of a jaded philosophical society, a group of arcane deviates. Their raison d'etre was a kind of mystical masochism, forcing initiates toward feats of occult daredevilry - "glimpsing the inferno with eyes of ice", to take from the notebook a phrase that was repeated often and seemed a sort of chant of power. As I suspected, hallucinogenic drugs were used by the sect, and there was no doubt that they believed themselves communing with strange metaphysical venues. Th...more
    Thomas Ligotti, The Nightmare Factory

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