Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess, Russia, 1914 (Royal Diaries #5)
The Diamond Secret:  A Retelling of Anastasia (Once Upon a Time, #16)
Anastasia's Secret
The Lost Crown
Dreaming Anastasia (Dreaming Anastasia, #1)
The Fetch
The Rites of Love (The Ringing Cedars of Russia, #8.2)
Anastasia at Your Service (Anastasia Krupnik, #3)
Anastasia Again! (Anastasia Krupnik, #2)
Anastasia's Chosen Career (Anastasia Krupnik, #7)
The Romanovs: The Final Chapter
The Black Circle (The 39 Clues, #5)
Anastasia and Her Sisters
Anastasia Forever (Dreaming Anastasia, #3)
The House of Special Purpose

E.L. James
My inner goddes has her sequins on and is warming up to dance the rumba.
E.L. James, Fifty Shades Freed

Barbara C. Doyle
The Guardians of the Overhead hold the most power in Heaven. They have the power to not only heal, but project. They can influence other Healers around them to make sure that Healer makes better judgment choices in life. Following them is the royal family that rules Heavens dynasty—” “The Caspian family,” I cut in happy that I knew the answer. To know that my family was the second most powerful family in Heaven’s dynasty suddenly made me feel powerful, even though my powers have not come in yet. ...more
Barbara C. Doyle, Finding Redemption

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