Anarchism and Other Essays
The Conquest of Bread
The Dispossessed
Mutual Aid
God and the State
Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism
Homage to Catalonia
No Gods No Masters: An Anthology of Anarchism
Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice
Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology
Post-Scarcity Anarchism
What Is Property?
Assuming Names: A Con Artist's Masquerade
Anarchism: A Collection of Revolutionary Writings
Millions Like Us by Virginia NicholsonThe Diary of a Shirtwaist Striker by Theresa Serber MalkielStriking Beauties by Michelle HaberlandThe Match Girl and the Heiress by Seth KovenAmerica's Working Women by Rosalyn Baxandall
Women's Labor Histories
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The Other America by Michael HarringtonPrison Journals of a Priest Revolutionary by Philip BerriganA Harsh And Dreadful Love by William D. MillerThe Long Loneliness by Dorothy DayAll the Way to Heaven by Dorothy Day
The Catholic Worker
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The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le GuinAnarchism and Other Essays by Emma GoldmanV for Vendetta by Alan MooreOn Anarchism by Noam ChomskyHomage to Catalonia by George Orwell
Anarchist books
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Fist of the Spider Woman by Amber DawnEven this Page is White by Vivek ShrayaHow Poetry Saved My Life by Amber DawnGender Failure by Rae SpoonLost Boi by Sassafras Lowrey
Arsenal Pulp Press
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The Shock Doctrine by Naomi KleinThe Concept of the Political by Carl SchmittAnarchism and Education by Judith Suissa23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism by Ha-Joon ChangThe Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
Recommended Political Reads
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Ivan Illich
School has become the world religion of a modernized proletariat, and makes futile promises of salvation to the poor of the technological age.
Ivan Illich, Deschooling Society

Ursula K. Le Guin
The duty of the individual is to accept no rule, to be the initiator of his own acts, to be responsible. Only if he does so will the society live, and change, and adapt, and survive. We are not subjects of a State founded upon law, but members of a society formed upon revolution. Revolution is our obligation: our hope of evolution.
Ursula K. Le Guin, The Dispossessed

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