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model: 1st Generation, DX (Amazon)
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At 10.2 ounces, Kindle DX is lighter than a typical paperback and as thin as most magazines. Barely a third of an inch in profile, you'll find Kindle fits perfectly in your hands.

Slim: Just over 1/3 of an inch, as thin as most magazines

Carry Your Library: Holds up to 3,500 books, periodicals, and documents

Beautiful Large Display: 9.7" diagonal e-in

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Elaine Mcdonald
Nov 04, 2010
Elaine Mcdonald rated it: liked it

I do like this reader very much. It is a bit heavy with or without the cover. I do like the contrast compared to other readers. The background is whiter and the text is blacker. I think this makes it easier to read. I wouldn't recommend it unless you purchase all of your library books. I find I use the Sony Daily Reader much more often. With the Sony Reader you are able to check out library books and read those on the reader. With the Kindle all books have to be purchased at Amazon.
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Jan 10, 2012
Jlo rated it: it was amazing

This was a Christmas gift fro my husband a few years back. It was my #1 on my wish list and the only thing on my wish list. My first year I had over 15 ebooks read and the list was getting longer. I found that reading the books was soft on the eyes, and quicker & with no glare. I just love my Kindle.
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May 29, 2011
Kara rated it: really liked it

Love it!
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May 25, 2011
s rated it: it was ok

Probably useful for those who need large print but like to see a lot of text on the same page. Two limitation make it less useful for technical reading, which was the reason I'd bought it. First, it doesn't have quite enough resolution (or, of course, color) to fully reproduce the feel of looking at a textbook or journal. But second, it's slow! I hadn't realized (until it took a half second per page) how often I flip back and forth between text, figures, and references. Now I know: too often for ...more
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Apr 01, 2012
Pelikan rated it: it was amazing

I got this Kindle last Christmas and have loved it ever since. At first the weight surprised me a bit, but I got used to it and I would not trade it for anything.
The contrast is fab and it is great with any format I have tried - may it have been pdf files, word docs or Kindle files.

I recommend this reader to everybody who wants to have a quality products of a bigger size than average.
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Apr 01, 2015
Nikolas rated it: really liked it

Αρκτά καλό και ιδανικό για ανάγνωση Α4. Δυστυχώς, έχει σταματήσει την παραγωγή του η Άμαζον.
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Jun 26, 2012
Ann rated it: really liked it

Bought this Kindle for the larger screen and love it. I need low vision aids and the MS society paid for $200 of it. I find I read books faster on the Kindle than in paper print.
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Jun 02, 2012
Shelley rated it: it was amazing

This was a Christmas gift from my husband three years ago and I was hesitant at first. LOVE it now. Love this size for home, but I agree with another reviewer that the larger size is less portable. I love the screen and the no glare capablility. I have really enjoyed this Kindle. My husband has been whispering in my ear of a Kindle in the works with e-ink and a that would be heaven.
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Apr 03, 2012
Hollie rated it: it was amazing

I love my Kindle DX! The main reason I wanted it was to read, not to play games or check emails. I want to read. With having this one, I can use the basic internet. I have accidently dropped it from a little over four feet & it still works just fine. The screen is clear & crisp. If you leave it on for a long peroid of time the screen saver will come on. There is some ghosting after it's been on a screen or some time, but this does NOT interfere with reading what so ever. My local library ...more
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Nov 10, 2012
Constance rated it: really liked it

Love this "book-sized" reader. I love the feature of emailing my e-textbooks to my kindle email and have them available wherever I go. As a true reader, this was my choice over the Kindle Fire or IPAD as I don't need all the other bells and whistles when I just want to read. The experimental feature of uploading mp3s is a nice touch as I listen to relaxing music as I read. The screen is big and you can make the fonts even bigger, perfect for these aging eyes. ;-)
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Guru Charan Gupta
Nov 22, 2013
Guru Charan Gupta rated it: it was amazing

Excellent battery life and a 'real' book size screen. I love it.
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Alfonso Betancort
Oct 20, 2013
Alfonso Betancort rated it: really liked it

Great for PDF when we did not have the iPad but still great for general purpose reading and having all those "never to be found when needed" Owner Manuals and Service Manuals in one place, now that almost every maker of anything has it natively (from your car to your dishwasher)...

Well, with the rare exception of Apple Inc. , they don't have them at all - nor in paper or pdf , they did actually invent the iPlain Owner's Interface.
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May 15, 2012
Laura rated it: liked it

I bought this because I thought I wanted more screen real estate but now i sort of wish I had the smaller one as it would be more portable. This is great for at home but a bit large to carry with me places. I love the screen resolution and the Kindle platform in general and I find I am reading more than I used to because I can read several books at one time without having to carry them around with me.
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