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Kobo LOOKBOOK Shift3
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model: LOOKBOOK Shift3 (kobo)
Dimensions: 4.69 in. x 0.39 in. x 7.18 in.

Read simply: with one-touch purchases, you're reading in seconds.
Unlock new reading possibilities in color: cookbooks, children's books, newspapers & magazines.
Built-in bookstore: over 2 million books at your fingertips.
Rechargeable battery: for hours of continuous reading (AC adapter included)
7" Color

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Denise Brown
Sep 03, 2011
Denise Brown rated it: it was amazing

Okay, so it's a Lookbook; it's not a Nook.

But, if you just want to read and don't care to e-mail and surf the net... this is the e-reader for you.

It is very similar to the Nook Color though in size and function- minus the touchscreen and internet browser. The keyboard is tiny, but the keys click like a regular keyboard so it has a good feel. The joystick portion could use bigger directional keys around it, but you get used to it.

Out of the box, the Lookbook does what it is supposed to... flawles
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