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message 1: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Did it have enough cowbell?

message 2: by Brad (new)

Brad I'm a knob, Ryan. I don't get it. I've been trying to figure out your comment all day, and I suspect it is painfully obvious, but you gotta fill me in, bro.

message 3: by KristenR (new)

KristenR Yeah...this book needed more cowbell :)

message 4: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Sorry Dude. I'm not a TV guy, but I thought that one was pretty much universal.

message 5: by Brad (new)

Brad Yikes, am I out of touch. No apologies necessary, Ryan.

message 6: by Nancy (new)

Nancy I didn't get the comment either. Thanks for explaining. Nice review, Brad.

message 7: by Brad (new)

Brad Thanks, Nancy.

message 8: by Ryan (new)

Ryan My wife didn't get it either. I found a link.

I think it's funny.

message 9: by Miriam (new)

Miriam Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we not supposed to know for sure about her killing Levi until the end? If so you might want to click the SPOILER box.

message 10: by Brad (new)

Brad Hmmm...I know it isn't explicit until the end, but I clocked to it during her early conversation with Hale Quarter, so I never actually considered it a spoiler when I was writing the review. I'm not sure now. Let me think on it, Miriam. Thanks for pointing it out.

message 11: by Nancy (last edited Oct 02, 2010 09:12AM) (new)

Nancy Ryan wrote: "My wife didn't get it either. I found a link.

I think it's funny.

Haha! That was funny, thanks for sharing.

message 12: by Chip (new)

Chip I too would have expected that to be a near universal (and in this case wonderfully succinct and apropos) reference, but then again I'm the guy that utterly killed an approx 10 person conversation at a work social function with "I love my dead gay son!". Took me years to recover the confidence to quote again.

Glad the video was linked - wiki is inadequate to recognize the brilliance.

message 13: by Nancy (new)

Nancy I may have to divorce my husband. He didn't find the video nearly as funny as I did.

Chip, I'm afraid I don't get your comment either.

I'm old and out of touch.

message 14: by Chip (new)

Chip Scene from Heathers, the highest grossing* movie of all time. And yes, clearly your husband is defective.

*Excluding the hundreds of thousands of movies that made more money.

message 15: by Julie (new)

Julie Salyards I agree entirely and you said it much better than I could. Thanks!

message 16: by Brad (new)

Brad You're welcome, Julie.

message 17: by Zay (new)

Zay You took the words right out of my mouth. Kept thinking, while reading the book, that some things needed to be fleshed out more to be properly understood and appreciated.

message 18: by Brad (new)

Brad I really thought I would go on, despite how disappointed I was, but I never did. Did anyone continue? Is it worth the journey?

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