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Peep (Pop! Pop!) Not really. But we gotta stand by our dude, you know? Also, I would hardly say that there are a "few" of us! :P

Amelia, the pragmatic idealist pardon me!
Lol, I have to admit, though, that I've never actually met a member of the Gale Team in real life. In fact, I thought they were an imaginary species :P

Peep (Pop! Pop!) GASP!!! Oh. no. you. didn't!! We are here! We're just not as *ahem* loud as that other team. Plus, why brag when we know we're going to win? Wouldn't want to rub it in.....

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★ haha Amelia :)
Im Team Peeta! And yes, there is more Gale/Snow in this one.

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I am Bastet Gale gets a LITTLE more screen time, but Peeta is still the front and center :-P I'm team Gale, so that's really inconvenient. Though I really disliked this book. Haha.

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Peep (Pop! Pop!) Yep, that's why I said not really. He gets some, but most Peetuh lovuhs didn't think it was enough to woo them. It was enough for me to stay Team Gale!

Isis, I didn't like this one as much either.

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I am Bastet Peep, haha glad I'm not alone. Though I'm most definitely Team Gale, I can actually make some really good arguments why Peeta will probably be the one Katniss ends up with. :-P Darn!

Peep (Pop! Pop!) Yep, and they'd all boil down to Katniss "settling". If she didn't realize it was love by now, then it will never be. Hahahahah!

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I am Bastet Hah, exactly. Whenever I think of Peeta, I think of Katniss forcing herself to like him in the first book and I just... yuck.

Amelia, the pragmatic idealist Lol! The funny thing is, just going by what I know of him from THG, I actually *really* like Gale. :P He's sweet like Peeta (I'm assuming) but he seems to have a little more of a backbone. HOWEVER, it seems likely (from a mostly objective viewpoint, since I just now started the series) that since Peeta gets more "screen time," he's going to be the one she ends up with. Does that make sense? It just seems like if Gale was the one, he'd have more scenes...otherwise it'll seem like Collins deliberately put Katniss with Gale just for the unlikeliness.

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Peep (Pop! Pop!) I agree, it makes sense that Peeta would win. It's set up for Peeta to grow on you. Unless she does a total turn around in MJ and gives Gale more screen time, I see Peeta written as her choice, but I don't like it. :P

Amelia, the pragmatic idealist of course, my cousin is absolutely 100% convinced that Peeta will die in MOCKINGJAY, so he actually thinks Katniss may end up with Gale, just as kind of a rebound thing. Of course, he is 12 and doesn't know a thing about women, but still... :P

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Peep (Pop! Pop!) I can see that happening, too. Only not as a rebound!

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Rebekah Faith it ain't gonna be a rebound, i can tell you that, amelia ^_^. of course then there are the people who say she wont end up with either of them cause she loves 'em both equally.....but who knows?

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I agree with you on a ton of this. The pacing got to me. I never fully understood that "TWIST" because it was explained so quickly. I also think your opinion on Katniss nails it.

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Hope Great review! I totally get what you're saying about Katniss. Sometimes I actually just kind of wanted to slap her. O.o I'd have liked her to show a little more emotion sometimes, too, but I think she's kind of the quiet, brooding type too. They're always saying that she needs to smile more. I think she feels very deep emotions, but she doesn't really know how to express them--actually suppresses them. So I guess Collins is doing a really good job staying "in character" but I'd have liked to see some growth in Katniss. I still like Katniss, but Peeta's the best, definitely. YES, HE'D BETTER LIVE! :)

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Liz I've noticed the same thing you did about Katniss's grammar, but I agree with your attitude towards it.

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Amber Hey Amelia!Great review! And I agree. Peeta is going to live, or I'm going to chuck the book against the wall.

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★ *blushes, gets embarrassed*
Twas i who may have said you will like finnick :S

And as usual, a very good review :)

Amelia, the pragmatic idealist lol, hmmm I didn't think it was you.
and now...we all WAIT :P

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★ I know! That ending was so annoying-In a good way.
Youre lucky you only have 2 weeks to wait, i had to wait more then 2 months!
The suspense is killing me!!!!!

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