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Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) I'm in the middle of rereading it before Linger too. I LOVE this story! It's haunting and sensual in an innocent sort of way... it's just wonderfully written!

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) Great description - there is something just very different about the writing from other books. I am going to write a longer review when I finish my re-read. I wrote this one awhile after finishing it the first time instead of right away. It is more than the story that makes this book special - it is way it is told. Which means a really good author.

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) I agree Terry! It's just so different in many respects. This would make an awesome movie, too, don't you think?!

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) It would be a great movie. Of course I am partial to wolves anyway. The dialogue between Grace and Sam is so good they would need to stick to the book!

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Melodie I totally agree about this book. The last few lines of this book have stuck with me since I read it back in February. I can't think of another book that has done that this year.

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) I am reading it for the third time right now.

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) One of my fav's!! :)

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) It makes me a little nervous. It will have to be cast and done right to be a success. There are some kind of intangibles about this book that makes it so appealing. There is little action so the dialogue and chemistry between the actors is going to have to be good. But then movies made from favorite books always make me nervous!

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) I didn't see that but it doesn't sound good. They could so mess this one up. A story with a lot of action at least can be half way decent if the action is fun to watch even if they mess up the dialogue and casting.

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) They need a screenwriter like who did Charlie St. Cloud?? I think it CAN be done... but yes, it's a very subdued book... some even find them boring (I can't see how that is... but to each his own). I hope they capture the mood of the books... although for a movie... I'm sure they'll either embellish some scenes in order to have more action sequences, or actually add some extra scenes in... of which, it better not change the mood of the story. The Shiver series is exceptional... I'd almost NOT want to see it done into a movie for fear of them ruining it.

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Azra seriously. this book is NOTHING like twilight. first.jacob is a werewolf. sam is a wolf that turns into a human during summer. there's a difference. and where the hell is the vampire? and twilight had intricate plot whereas Shiver was about love and relationships. edwards and bellas relationship was nothing like sam's and grace's . ok. and the writing style was different. Meyer didn't use fragments and her words weren't like poetry. and full of meaning. Shiver was sad whereas twilight was cute and lovely. even if you read twilight a million times...it can never make you cry. but shiver does. it makes you cry. and i think the third book is red. you don't even notice the font is blue until you want to notice it. i didn't.

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) I agree with you that it is nothing like Twilight. Someone on another thread said that it was, but it definitely is not.

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) I agree as well... no one is arguing that here?? The only thing the Twilight and Shiver books have in common is the paranormal YA genre. Both are very different. And as far as the wolf/werewolf thing goes... Jacob is actually a "shape-shifter" and transforms into a *wolf*... so he's technically NOT a werewolf (aka child of the moon that phases in the presence of a full moon)... that is explained in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, I believe. :)

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) Well... Edward explains that Jacob and the Quileutes are actually shapeshifters to the Volturi in Breaking Dawn (this was a key point in their argument with the Volturi). I'll look up the page later when I get home. As for Sam and the other people who transform into wolves in the Shiver books... it's only because they were bitten by a wolf that they go through this change (a different spin once again). Werewolves, according to legends, only change into a man/wolf creature on the full moon... so no... Jacob and Sam are NOT werewolves. Although, throughout Twilight, Jacob/Quileutes are often referred to as werewolves, I will agree to that.

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) Check out pages 704-705 in Breaking Dawn (soft-cover... not sure if it's the same pages as the hardcover). You can't argue with what is written in the book, in Stephenie's world, as well as general wolf/werewolf lore. And specifically, it is *Aro* who actually explains to Caius at the bottom of the page:

"Though the creatures think of themselves as werewolves, they are not. The more accurate name for them would be shape-shifters. The choice of a wolf form was purely chance. It could have been a bear or a hawk or a panther when the first change was made. These creatures truly have nothing to do with the Children of the Moon. They have merely inherited this skill from their fathers. It's genetic--they do not continue their species by infecting others the way true werewolves do." Caius glared at Aro with irritation... ;)

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) And I just wanted to add that Shiver's wolf/werewolf lore is kind of a merge of the two... they turn to into wolves but not "wolf-men", and not during a full moon but due to colder temperatures... and the "wolves" are perpetuated through bites like "true werewolves".

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) Not disputing all the various legends or lore... it's different for every story. I'm just explaining what wolves/werewolves are in the Twilight books and Shiver, as that is what this thread is pertaining to. I stand by what I quoted in the Twi books as the wolves/werewolves of the Twi world, as that is how it is explained there. We're also off topic a bit so I'll bow out now... :)

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) Wow, what an interesting discussion just on my book review. I'd jump into the discussion if I could figure out what the point is. It seems like in these YA books that the word werewolf is kind of tossed around pretty loosely. One major difference between the humans becoming wolves in these two books is that in Shiver they become real wolves. They lose their humanity at that time and do not "think" like humans - they are a real wolf. In Twilight they turn into some kind of supernatural giant creature the size of a horse but shaped like a wolf and they also do not lose their ability to think like a human and to communicate between themselves as humans do. Kind of apples to oranges and both a far cry from the legendary Children of the Moon werewolf myths. (whoops, I did jump into the discussion, didn't I?) Both the authors and those who categorize these books as being about werewolves are making a big jump. But fun, isn't it?

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) What I am saying is that both the term werewolf and the term shapeshifter are descriptions of things in myths and fairytales - things that have no basis in reality. Thus books and legends have developed through the ages using the terms in far different ways, none really right and none really wrong. Each author makes up their own little world of fantasy and uses these terms as they wish - because this is indeed fantasy or pretend.

Take Fairies, or faerie, or faery, or the fey for instance. Are they little tiny tinkerbells that flit from flower to flower on their little wings or are they full sized looking like humans with magical powers including invisibility - or are they something else. In just the books I have read in the last few years, the terms mean far different things in FICTION.

In a general sense and in our modern way of thinking about it, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Shiver, Paranormalcy, Nightshade, Low Red Moon..... all can be described as having werewolves in them - but are they? Or are they shapeshifters? Or does it matter? One thing I do know - they darn sure are not the same beast!

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) Okay, I give up. Good discussion. I know this is personal, Edward, but will you tell me how old you are? If so I will tell you ABOUT how old I am. LOL

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Azra ahahhahah Terry. lol
so i wasn't the only one disturbed when someone compared Shiver to Twilight.
I don't know what you guys say...Sam is a wolf...and Jacob is a werewolf. I love Sam 100 times more though!!!

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Azra Edward wrote: "3ombieNinjaAkaAzra wrote: "seriously. this book is NOTHING like twilight. first.jacob is a werewolf. sam is a wolf that turns into a human during summer. there's a difference. and where the hell is..."

I like Twilight but not the movie. it was too cheesey.the book was muchhh better. but anyways. this convo is about sam being a wolf/werewolf. :)

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) Books are always better than the movie. I can't think of an exception. I go to movies just to see the story brought to life knowing that is all it is going to be. I have learned that for me, if they are not cast right however, they somewhat ruin the book. They ruined Eragon by not sticking with the story, but I still watch it once in awhile because I love some of it and they got Eragon and Safira right. And boy, is this off topic.

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) The book is a thousand times better. Arya is an elf, not a human in the book and the elves and dwarves are a huge part of the story. They left the dwarves almost totally out of the movie. My book image of Arya is totally different than the movie.

They cut out my favorite scene in Eclipse - the very very end of the book and it could have been so beautifully done.

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Azra I didn't watch the Twilight movies. just watched the trailer for like a million times. I didn't have time anyways...i always wanted to read Eragon. If you have read the Mortal Instruments Series...they are going to make a movie. it's official. anyways...i'll watch because alex pettyfer is in it. :)

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) Alex Pettyfer isn't in it yet. :-( They are in discussion and I am on pins and needles about it. The Mortal Instruments books are my favorite YA series ever! (sorry Twilight) But Alex IS Jace for me and if it isn't cast right I think I will not go see it. I am not a Rob Patz fan and he kind of killed my book Edward for me. The Twilight movies are good although Twilight IMO was not nearly as well done as the others (not as much money thrown at it and they had not totally learned the lesson of "follow the book". I have watched them a zillion times but the books of course are better. Eragon is a great book and so are the next two although the third should have been a couple hundred pages shorter. Too much detail.

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Azra Alex pettyfer is in like....every single YA books movie. lol. with twilight being the exception.

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) Twilight budget $37 million, New Moon $50 million and Eclipse $68 million. $37 million is really pretty low budget for a movie. More money brought better makeup, real hair wigs instead of synthetic and of course the CG wolves and fights. And better directors and editors IMO. But that said, I am sure I have watched Twilight more than any of the others and saw it ten times at the theater - and there is no theater in my town! LOL

Alex is only in I am Number Four and Beastly that I know of, but the more the better although it is most important to me that he plays Jace!

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Azra I think he will play Jace. They already figured out Claire ( Lily Collins)...and Magnus ( Adam Lambert).
Alex is like PERFECT for jace.

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) Boy... you read it *really* fast this time!!! :P Can't wait to start my reread!! :)

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) Since it was my fourth read and I don't think the last time was all that long ago I skimmed some and then got really into my favorite parts and savored them!

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