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message 1: by Barks & Bites (new)

Barks & Bites Hmmm, I didn't realize she was writing steampunk now. Seems to be the new rage.

message 2: by Zeek (last edited Apr 15, 2010 09:10AM) (new)

Zeek well I love steampunk and the thot of it crossbreeding with romance gets me giddy- but so far I haven't read any that suits me. But I hear Soulless is pretty good- will have to check it out.

message 3: by Barks & Bites (new)

Barks & Bites I loved her "Four and Twenty Blackbirds" so will probably give this one a try. I try to keep up on author's but they're always slipping by me with new books.

message 4: by Zeek (new)

Zeek hmmm I will have to look into that one!

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