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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Wonderful comments!!!!

message 2: by Micheline (new)

Micheline Beautifully written review that perfectly describes Half Blood Prince, and the Harry Potter series as a whole!

message 3: by Asher (new)

Asher Woldamlak Even thought this book is good, I do not believe that it is the crown jewel. I believe that the seventh book is the best. In the sixth book Dumbledore left Harry with a quest, and I don't think that that was appropriate. Some people may say that it was a coming of age test, but it was simply too much for a seventeen year old. He had to find all of Voldemort's Horcruxes. We are talking about the Greatest dark wizard in the world, and a seventeen year old must defeat him. I thing that this book is good but I don't think that it was the best one.

message 4: by Eden (new)

Eden Gunther Well I find your review very refreshing to a young readers eye. I also agree that this is one jewel of the collection and it started one of the best adventures of the Harry Potter series. This book shows the things ahead that will be the struggle of Harry and his friends in the next books.

message 5: by Corazón (new)

Corazón Soriano amazing. I couldn't have explained it better than you. this is way my favourite hp book because u know there's still a little of humanity in Voldemort's past. it was his decision to go to Hogwarts. wow! this is unbelievable amazing and the finest hp book. Rowling can handle teenage stuff and Voldemort's life and that's a huge achievement

message 6: by Judy (new)

Judy Yes I agree with you this was the best.

message 7: by Miquel Reina (new)

Miquel Reina Love your review John!

Olivia VanSteenberg This book is the book that I could not live without!

message 9: by Wilfred (new)

Wilfred Cooper 'I am not afraid, Harry. I am with you'.

message 10: by Draco Malfoy (new)

Draco Malfoy nice

message 11: by Draco Malfoy (new)


on nom moi escucti hei. dswelementeä olet eve loves snakes julemette pom nop elitugie moto phokinet eret cdrest colemettees.

EVES LANGUAGE TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH. (not translated word for word)

hello i live in islandbay. by the ways im eve loves snakes. i love the harry potter series. my favourite character is draco malfoy i love him.

message 12: by jack cornalls (new)

jack cornalls you just carnt stop likin, harry potter BEST BOOK EVER sorry i will carme down know BYBBYBYBYBYBY

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