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message 1: by Maren (new)

Maren Hahaha! I am going to do that next time I read this!

message 2: by Debbie (new)

Debbie Howell Gosh, my English teacher never suggested that! Does that make Daisy Catwoman?

message 3: by Annie (new)

Annie Rim Bradmo, I love all of your comments. You should consider going into book reviews if this whole economics thing doesn't pan out.

message 4: by Luke (new)

Luke Batman does not cut the pages of his books I see. it makes so much sense now.

message 5: by alisha m. (new)

alisha m. haha. i havent read this book but when i do, ill definetly do the batman trick.

message 6: by Anne (new)

Anne Hahaha! I'm reading it right now, so I'll keep this in mind ;)

message 7: by Melody (new)

Melody Busse Now there's an idea that just might make it worth re reading.

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