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message 1: by james (new)

james Madison:

that was an unbelievably heartwarming, open, candid review and i commend you for having the kindness to share your world with us. clearly you and your family deserve 5 stars for the love, support, and strength it must take to have to experience that issue.

wishing you, your family, and your sister all the best in life, love, health, and happiness-


message 2: by Madison (new)

Madison Anthony,

Thank you so much for your comment! I often retreat from posting my reviews because I fear the possible backlash I could get from other readers. You have put my fears to rest, (at least for now) and I am grateful.

So again thank you for your very kind comment and well wishes.


message 3: by Daniel (new)

Daniel If you can write a review this good, Madison, and you are only 22, then I'm betting that there is a good probability you will make your mark in this literary jungle.

message 4: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Katz Didn't "Alice" die at the end? How can she be "recovering"?

message 5: by Madison (new)

Madison Jennifer, note the parenthesis :)

I was speaking about my sister, who is not dead, thus she is "(recovering)". Obviously my sister's situation and "Alice's" are not identical, but their similarities, stories, and experiences are enough to prove that this account of drug abuse can actually happen.

message 6: by Katie (new)

Katie I'm glad to hear the story is not too far off the mark. After recently rereading it, I googled it to test it's authenticity and was greatly disappointed to find out that it was just a fabricated story. I've never been involved in drugs, so I have no way of knowing how valid this book is -- but, as horrible as it is that your family had to go through this, I'm relieved to know that this gripping story can still be a good lesson for teens.

message 7: by Karen (new)

Karen Kaiser I'm also relieved to hear that the story isn't crap. I see all these reviews calling it fake and crappy and completely fabricated, and I'm thinking that those people sound awfully close-minded. I've never done any of the things the diarist did, and I haven't talked in depth with anyone who has, but it seemed unlikely that those experiences were complete crap. So I'm glad to hear that it was pretty accurate, and I'm also glad that there's someone out there willing to defend a great book when it's being unjustly accused of being fake.

message 8: by Sonia (new)

Sonia S I agree with you, this kind of things do happen in real life and as impossible it seem to be but, it does happen. I also think that the book should be illustrated as a true drug addict book, because I think all of the stuff that was mention in the book happens now a day’s more and more often with teenager.

message 9: by Emily (new)

Emily No one's saying that the things in this book don't happen because they still do as you, Madison know with dealing with your sister. But the reason people are calling it "fake" is because the "editor" of this book wrote a lot of it, if not all of it by herself. So it is not a "real" diary as it claims to be. Bascially it's the "A Million Little Pieces" of the 70s.

message 10: by Laura (new)

Laura Please accept my sympathies for your family's pain.

I disagree with your conclusion that it doesn't matter whether this book fiction or not. First of all, there's nothing ambiguous about it; it is fiction. And passing something off as the truth when it isn't does damage, even when the author is purportedly trying to pursue a worthy goal in doing so. If there's a worthy underlying message, surely you can find a true story to tell; in inventing one, all the author is doing is diminishing the experiences of those who have actually lived through drug addiction.

message 11: by Edmund (new)

Edmund Davis-Quinn It's fiction, and it should clear state that, the fact that it didn't feel like a teenage voice to me made it clear.

message 12: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne Peterson My issue with the book is that it was passed off as an actual diary, when it was obvious to every 12 year old in my jr high English class that it was a work of fiction, written by someone who tried and failed to capture a teenager's voice. It's fine to warn teens of the dangers of drug use. Just don't insult their intelligence - that lessens the effect.

message 13: by Kat (new)

Kat As a recovering heroin addict myself (not a person on the side lines,) I can attest to the fact that this IS crap. But, don't suddenly be "relieved" that it is or is not realistic based on one persons comment!

message 14: by Mariama (new)

Mariama read her diary. enter her world you will never forget her. indeed thats true. i am not a big reader and honestly this book was the first book i ever read with the exeption of short stories. the minute i started reading iti just knew it was going to be a good book.this book is real i've never been expose to drugs and i am pretty shure i never met anyone whos an addict but this book makes you feel apart ot it it makes you feel dirty and sympathy for her and thats one of the things that makes agood book. a book that makes you wonna cry or scream out loud.i only sign up for good read because i had to but i just had to write a review about his book. i read it a long time ago but i still remenber it. it was and it still is the best book i have read its trully inspiring.

message 15: by Phil (new)

Phil Alice is not the main character. Alice is one of the friends she met in San Francisco

message 16: by Zorak (new)

Zorak The best review of this book I've seen all day.

message 17: by Ang (new)

Ang I think her name was Carla because in the book she mentions someone saying that name, but there was no reference to the name or person afterwards or before

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